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Still going

Just finished day 6 of #30daysofbiking
I’m really enjoying it. Legs feel a little stronger, which is good because I can’t ride any direction without hitting F@#$ing hills. There. Is. Nothing. Flat. Here.

Tonights ride was fun. Rode up V across 64:

Found the Anderson Scout Camp, which overlooks the Saint Croix just across from the boomsite. What a beautiful spot. (too hilly, though.)

Hardest ride so far was the ride into town (one big dip followed by the drop down to the river, across the liftbridge in the dark, then all the way back up to the top through town to get to the gym). Not helping matters much was that the workout called for heavy squats. I didn’t go that heavy, as I knew I had to do the climb up to Houlton on the way back.

Ow, that was a grind. I took the road bike. On the fixie, I would have had to walk it.

Stilll enjoying this. good fun.

30 Days starts today


I’m not counting yesterday, though I did ride up the driveway and back a couple of times with Owen on his new Novara Afterburner (a birthday present I bought for myself for Owen, if that makes any sense) trail-a-bike.

Watch for a review of the afterburner after a few miles.

The goal: ride my bicycle at least 5 miles every day for the next 30 days.

today: 7.5 hilly, windy miles with Owen on the back.  No, he didn’t pedal.  34 pounds of Owen+ 23 pounds of trail-a-bike makes for a slog uphill.


Highlight:  He jammed his foot into the back wheel and locked it up.  Made a pretty good skid mark.  It wasn’t on purpose, I don’t think.  It scared him a little, but he recovered.

Edit:  Video: