Day 90 of #30daysofbiking

Woohoo! Today was day 90 of riding at least 5 miles per day.

I’ve seen a lot. Bugs, rain, dark, light. One flat, one loose crankarm, one seriously creaking crankset, a couple of broken spokes, and a couple of different configurations of fixie.

I’m slated to travel for about 2 weeks at the end of July/early August. By motorcycle. Which means bringing a bicycle will be difficult. I’m tempted to rig up a carrier (the motorcycle is a Vision, which has more than enough capability to carry a bicycle) and bring the fixie. Something about rolling through Sturgis like that appeals to me.

Ducati Minneapolis Track Day – photos and video

Here’s the


Lots of fun was had by all.  There was some great riding being done out there, and it was cool to see people learn their tracks and bikes as the day progressed.  I had a couple of brain-fart moments, though nothing serious.  I even got the back sliding a couple of times, which felt really cool because it was on purpose.  When it’s not on purpose, it’s a pucker-inducer.  When you try to do it and succeed, it’s a thrill.

Gus and Eric did some one-on-one with people, which appeared to really help.  The riders got smoother and more confident as the day progressed.

Ducatis are beautiful machines.  It’s nice being on the track with them- they just please visually and aurally.  I love the old school look of the 998, the newer 999 (a design that has really grown on me) and the newer 1098s and 848s.  My friend Shannon brought his brand new 848, and can be seen scraping knee in a few of the shots.  What an awesome bike.


Maybe my wife will take a hint from his wife, who got him the bike for his 40th birthday.  How about it, honey?  The kids can get loans for college if they need them… 🙂

I took some video with the GoPro from aboard my humble SV.  I have found the camera likes the PNY SD cards (Class 4) better than the Class 6 Transcend cards.  Weird.  Whatever works.  Here’s the first video.  I have another that I still have to edit.

Holga .d

I’m not usually one to fawn over concepts.  Usually, they are the over-hyped, under-thought product of student industrial designers who are convinced that they can ignore basic laws… like physics, usability, etc.

But this one has me thoroughly smitten because it’s so right:

The only criticism I can level is that it looks too nice.  It’s very Leica.  In fact, this with old Leica glass would be pretty cool too.

If somebody were to make this, and do it right (cheaply),  I wouldn’t be able to resist.