Sunday, Oct 26th- Quiet day

I didn’t do much.  12 hours’ sleep, a quiet lunch, reading my book.  It was nice to be a hermit.  In the afternoon, I fired up the Kubota tractor and had a fine time figuring out how everything worked.  Based on the other day’s demo on preventing erosion, and the fact that I’d observed some pretty good gullies forming in the area by the creek used for camping, I thought I’d have a go at seeing if I could, if nothing else, stop it from getting worse.

I had a tractor, I had a stetson, I had something to fix, and plenty of rocks to do it with.  Hopefully when I come back there will be evidence that my strategically placed rocks are having the desired effect and allowing the water to slow down enough to drop its sediment.  As a bonus, I only got the tractor stuck once, and flicking four wheel drive to “on” got me out of that jam nicely.

After that, I wandered up to the porch at sunset and chatted with a couple of nice folks about motorcycles.

Bob owns this bike, and told me many tales of the cool off-road rides in the area.  He’s a retired nuclear inspector, and spends winters in the Big Bend area.  He’s down to 50,000 miles a year now- which he says isn’t bad for 70 years old!

Bob's Husqvarna.
Bob’s Husqvarna.

One guy had this beauty:

1947 Indian Chief
1947 Indian Chief

It was beautiful, and had been everywhere (including off road, which he says it does remarkably well.)  He has over 80,000 miles on it.  He was an interesting guy- he started out as a schoolteacher (in Alaska, for a while), then ended up in New Mexico.  Santa Fe, I think.  After that he became an administrator, then a police officer in the school.  He retired about 6 weeks ago.  He said he’s currently on call with this disaster response team (he said he couldn’t just retire and do nothing) and that they are expecting the call to go to Liberia to help with the Ebola epidemic any day now.  (!)

Only on the Porch.