DCTC track day – Ducati Minneapolis

Fun was had by all. I rode a bit, helped some nice
folks new to the track with their lines, and worked corners a bit.
Nice mellow day. Pictures are in this gallery.
As always, I have these in mongo huge resolution if you want ’em.
Just shoot me an email. While editing these pictures, I was
fairly impressed at how many people were getting their wheels off
the ground… Have a closer look through this gallery- there
are quite a few like this one:

These were taken mostly at the corner
at the end of the back straight. Since they patched the
pavement, it got a little bumpier. I didn’t realize how bumpy
until I saw these pictures. The SV moves around a little
through here, but I just figured it was bumps, not actual
wheels-leaving-ground. I find it more than a little magical
that motorcycles work at all on the flat, let alone when you do
things like this to them.