There’ some serious fun to be had out there…

Wow. This looks like a lot of pai… er, fun:

The normal 40 feels like a long way.  100?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  It hurts!

Then there’s the westside dirty benjamin- 100 miles on gravel  Let’s hope they do it again in 2011.  No way was I going to survive that far this year, but if I keep this up next year should be doable.

I think I might ride around Lake Pepin soon.  It’s about 70 miles, nicely scenic, and I have a place to crash in Lake City.  A cursory search reveals that I’m not the only one, or the silliest one, to have this idea.  These silly bu… er, recreationists? Have been doing a 3-speed tour around the lake since 2006.  In period garb.  All I have to say is: CHAFING!

I guess that’s what do when you’re into re-enactments, bicycles, and you live nowhere near anything that has a relationship to the Civil War…  More power to ’em.

Anyway, I’ll probably take the road bike.  Or set up the fixie with a gear (42-24?) that might let me scale the precipice south of Maiden Rock with quads intact.  Need to get this one done in July though.  August looks pretty crazy right now.  Holler at me if you’re in- there’s room to sleep about 3 people on the boat in Lake City (more if there are couples.)