Mormons On Fixies

Flipping awesome, is what I say.  More people on bikes is a good thing.  Cooler bikes is a good thing.  More people on cooler bikes, very good thing.

Aww, I just went to look again, and most of the pictures have been yanked.  According to the posting, it was drawing unwanted attention.  Oh well, guess if they had major butt-hurt over it…  But I thought it was cool.  LDS Missionaries on fixies.  Probably the coolest cross-cultural mashup I’ve seen involving the LDS since Orgazmo came out.

Side note: I saw this movie in Salt Lake City.  In the theatre.  Perfect audience.

BUT WAIT.  Something doesn’t add up here.

Aren’t these cycling proselytizers in the business (and believe me, with that much cash on hand, it’s a business regardless of the taxedness or exemptness of the whole operation) of intruding into other peoples’ daily lives and trying to convert them?  I’ve seen these missionaries on college campuses doing their thing.  I’ve seen them at our local ice cream store pestering patrons, for Chrissakes (Where?!?!??!?!)   So doesn’t that, by the nature of the way they choose (or are compelled) to spend their time, kind of put them… out there… you know, in public?  Where it’s legal to take their picture?

Fortunately, on the Internet nothing ever really gets deleted as long as somebody had the good sense to copy it, so I present to you here, in all their fixie glory, the SLC Hipsters, the Saintly Barspinners…

Mad props for the matching tie (third from left)- it takes a set to pull that off.  Keep rollin’, guys.

Side note: I wonder if Gore is working on a wicking oxford twill for shirts?  Think Shimano would ever make SPD compatible dress shoes?

On a related note, after 30+ days on the bike, my Crossfit performance seems to have gone through the roof on some workouts.  I had two in a row with a significant aerobic component, and I tore my old times apart and threw them in the toilet… 30+ percent faster on both workouts.  I haven’t seen gains like that for a while.  It will be interesting to see if that continues.