Fortuitous fixie ride, a garage sale, and Hasselblads

So I head out this afternoon for my daily >5 miles of two-wheeled self abuse.  It’s day 22 of 30, and so far I haven’t repeated a ride yet.  I’ve repeated some stretches of road, but every time I go out I try to take a different turn and find a  road I haven’t been down yet.

This has led to some discoveries.  I have a couple of locations scouted out where, when the light is right, there should be some decent photographic opportunities.  I’m looking for lush but sparsely decorated landscapes that will allow the sky to be a good backdrop and no power lines or anything muddying up the shot.  I have a buddy working on an XS650 Bobber (for the uninitiatiated, that’s a motorcycle built in a certain style) that I want to shoot when he’s done.  He built the rat rod I shot last summer.  He loved the pictures- he even got a coffee cup made with my favorite printed on it.  Only thing is, the picture has power lines and way too much going on in the background.  That car really belongs on the Salt Flats to get a decent shot.  It’s pretty Mad Max.  Slapping it in farm country doesn’t match the car’s character.

As I’m getting rolling and the legs are starting to warm up, I notice a sign for a garage sale, so I bank hard right and roll through the development to the house.  Turns out it’s a photography studio that I noticed on Google Maps once:

Of course, I missed the cameras and lenses that they had at the garage sale.   Only got to talk to them for a little bit, but Jeff and Lee Ann clearly share the same passion for photography.  Jeff mentioned that he has a Hasselblad for sale.  With the 40mm lens.  Damn.  If I didn’t already have a full Bronica SQ setup, I’d be tempted.  We chatted photography for a bit.  Jeff’s an amazing photographer.  He also looks to be a pretty shrewd businessman.  I guess you’ve got to be in order to support yourself with photography.

After that nice little interlude, I found a lovely little road that snaked up, down, and all around and made for a nice little 7ish mile loop.  It will make an awesome run when I get into the marathon training.  A bit hilly, but last I checked there were no absolutely flat marathons around here anyway.

On a totally unrelated note (or maybe not…) I actually abandoned a Crossfit workout today.  Just didn’t have it.  I got my running intervals in on the treadmill as a warmup, then went to do the workout, which basically consists of finding your max squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.  I could understand hammered legs, but my shoulder press was weak too, so I said “bugger this for a lark” and went home.  First time in a long time that’s happened.  I wonder if the biking has anything to do with that?

Hmmm.  Must keep an eye on that.  I’m thinking that after the #30daysofbiking is up a few days off might be a good idea.