High speed photography, view cameras, and cupcake cannons

So I’m in the midst of a dive backwards in time and speed towards a simpler, slower, more calculated approach to capturing images. The roll film cameras just were not slow enough apparently, so I picked up a 1964-era Graflex Crown Graphic press camera at a recent camera show. It doubles as a folding view camera, and has a few movements so I can play around and get my Scheimpflug on.

I’m currently in the middle of cleaning and repairing/restoring some old shutters from Ebay ($50 lens capable of generating 100 megapixel images? ¬†Bargain!), and apart from a nasty habit of losing springs (those little buggers *FLY* across the room, let me tell you), I should be able to get things working this weekend.

Soon I’ll be looking at the ground glass plate and seeing things as they used to be seen, backwards and upside-down (photo flipped for clarity):

In the midst of all of this retrophotogeekery, I come across some amazing high speed videos that must be shared. ¬†I’m not sure what I want more, a high speed camera, or a cupcake cannon:

I just love some of the images they are getting: