I love me some data…

Except when it paints a very stark picture of things.

Recently, I followed a link to this article about why the US isn’t anywhere close to a socialist state  (short version: if we were, then our kids would be doing better, our income inequality would be smaller, and life in general would probably be better for the majority of Americans.)  I reposted, because I thought it was a good article that raised some interesting points.  Not that facts matter much to tea partiers.  But because I’m pretty liberal, and an engineer, and curious, I enjoy facts.   I was left wondering, though, where the facts came from.  It was an op-ed piece, so I understand why they didn’t cite sources specifically, though it would have helped their cause.   So I went looking, and found a wealth of information here:


It’s not that easy to use at first, but you can dig into some complete datasets from countries around the world regarding GDP, unemployment rate, spending on healthcare, etc.  I was able to generate some pretty neat graphs.

Follow the links on this page:


and you should be able to recreate all of what I have done here.

Some graphs paint a very disturbing picture of America’s place in the world.  

Scared yet?