30 Days starts today


I’m not counting yesterday, though I did ride up the driveway and back a couple of times with Owen on his new Novara Afterburner (a birthday present I bought for myself for Owen, if that makes any sense) trail-a-bike.

Watch for a review of the afterburner after a few miles.

The goal: ride my bicycle at least 5 miles every day for the next 30 days.

today: 7.5 hilly, windy miles with Owen on the back.  No, he didn’t pedal.  34 pounds of Owen+ 23 pounds of trail-a-bike makes for a slog uphill.


Highlight:  He jammed his foot into the back wheel and locked it up.  Made a pretty good skid mark.  It wasn’t on purpose, I don’t think.  It scared him a little, but he recovered.

Edit:  Video: