The FiveFiveFive

So I work with a bunch of whack jobs.  Total nutcases.  To tell the truth, it’s the main reason to keep going to work.  You get drama, comedy, tragedy, motorcycles, interesting problems to solve, and a paycheck.  Who wouldn’t love that?  People pay good money to get all of those sorts of things at different times, and we have them in abundance, all day long, every day.

I mean, just look at the people we have on staff.  We have expert level roadracers, six day enduro riders, tractor pull aficionados, rock crawling maniacs whose lives seem to revolve around 30 year old trucks, gun nuts, pilots, tinkerers, farmers who became engineers, engineers who became farmers, auto industry refugees, hunters, fishermen, and guys that are so nuts about baseball that they bought an airport shuttle van and have it pimped out far more than it has a right to be.  Think “Hogan’s Heroes” without the respect for authority crossed with the Mythbusters guys and the computer nerds from “War Games” and you’re close.

So my buddy Z flings a magazine over the too-low cube wall at me the other day.  “Check this out” he bubbles.  Z bubbles a lot.  He’s a very happy individual who doesn’t take himself too seriously.  I’ve noticed that that tends to correlate with people who have a good time.  This is a typical Z office moment:

The magazine is the latest Cycle World, which has an article on the Five Five Five, which is a form of race.  Or endurance event.  Or something between the two.  It’s a cross between 24 hours of lemons and the Iron Butt Rally.   The object is to obtain a motorcycle and get it in something like serviceable condition for less than $500.  It should be older than 1975, and no larger in displacement than 500cc.  Then you race it somewhere.

This is right up our alley, I think.  Here’s to hoping that our house sells, and that the new house comes with a basket case but complete 1973 Honda CB360 thrown in.  Or an old XR-something.  Dual sport would be cool.  Bombing along on backroads on machinery as freaking old and maladjusted as we are.


If we do this, I promise to document everything with camera gear as near to the era that I can find.  I suspect some of my odder old rangefinders may work, which is good because they are light and easy to carry.  I have next to me a Nikkormat EL that may qualify (though it may be an ELW, which was released in 1976.)   Shooting Tri-X.  The only concession to modernity shall be the scanning of film and posting to the web.

Five Five Five Resources:

I can see this taking hold like Lemons has…