About Me

I am a dedicated, creative individual who has fallen in love with the process of making compelling and beautiful images. I am constantly learning about the art and science of photography. I love sharing my work, especially when it brings a smile to peoples’ faces. This venture is an extension of that desire to share. To see what I share with my family and friends, please visit my flickr site from the links at the right of your screen.

Self Portrait with Nikkormat EL

Recently, I rediscovered film. Yes, you can still get film… it still works, and it offers some benefits that digital does not. Film is real. There is chemistry going on when you hit the shutter. Film makes you think, because each exposure is permanent.

Canon AE-1, 2008

I still love digital capture, however. No other medium gives you such immediate and useful feedback. Digital photography is a much more iterative process- handy when your desired end product is a specific image, or when you’re feeling creative and want to try different things.

Baby Free Throws, 2008

I love colors. Bright, vibrant colors that make your eyes pop and bring out the personality or mood of the subject. Modern technology allows surreal color reproduction that can approach or exceed what we see in the world.

Commander Grain Elevator, 2008

Black and white somehow makes things seem more important. A fleeting expression that might look slighly amused in color can magnify and become a wonderful sly joy when photographed with the right black and white film.

Church, Northeast Minneapolis, 2008

My training is not a traditional liberal education. My background will explain why most of my works are literal, and don’t have obtuse, pretentious titles designed to impress museum curators and art collectors. I have a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and spend my days engineering Victory Motorcycles.. This keeps my left brain happy.

Photography balances me. I can use my scientific background to understand the physics of what goes on inside the camera, and then let my right brain run wild with theme, composition, editing, and all of the arty stuff.

Stanley on the deck, 2008

I am interested in photography in all its forms, and I love a challenge. Please contact me if you would like to explore the possibilities. From showcasing a house that you’d like to sell, to recording a major life-changing event for posterity, I would be honored to work with and for you.

Independence Day in a Small Town, 2008
Beach, Santa Cruz, CA, 2000

fiddling about with two wheels and lenses… usually not at the same time