Ducati Minneapolis Track Day at DCTC

Yesterday, I got the chance to help out, ride, and take photos at the first track day put on by the new Ducati Minneapolis dealership.   Talk about a day that scratched all of my itches…  This one pretty much nailed it.

What a hoot;  Attendance was pretty light, but there was some beautiful machinery rolling around.  Everybody looked to have a good time, and it was fun to watch the riders gain confidence on the very difficult surface.  This is definitely a track that rewards smoothness and composure.   With 18 or so turns in about a mile, you definitely get a chance to practice your transitions and work on your body positioning.

The track was a little bumpy and needed a lot of sweeping to get it serviceable.  Weather was perfect- temperatures in the 80s and low 90s with low humidity.

Here’s the gallery.

Mark Z proves that farm implements can go around corners.  Note the PTO close to scraping the ground.  After this lap he hitched up the brush hog and mowed the infield.

Here’s a video of my second session.  Went cautiously on this one, took a couple of laps to warm up the tires.  I used the GoPro motorsports hero suction cup mount for this one.  It was a bit wobbly, and loosened up during the session.  I’d like to build a better version that gets the camera up and back.  I’d also like to get the camera in front of the bike and really low.


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